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Is textile waste that serious?

  Everytime we read more and more about “sustainable fashion”, “slow fashion” and “fast fashion” on social media and that is very representative of the current situation of the textile industry. It being the second most polluting industry in the world, there’s a reason why us fashion lovers are increasingly worried about the environmental impact of our passion. Movements such as Fashion Revolution keep getting bigger every year and more blogs, brands and initiatives are born all the time in an […]

Is H&M part of the Fashion Revolution?

Since 2014, the organization Fashion Revolution has celebrated the Fashion Revolution Day every 24th of April in memory of the Rana Plaza disaster that killed more than 1.000 textile workers. After getting a great acceptance both from brands and costumers, the event has extended to a whole week for 2016. Its new name is Fashion Revolution Week and it will take place from the 18th until the 24th of April. What a surprise it was to read the following article: […]

Porcelain doll

The new Fashion Revelations website started to take shape in my mind back in the Summer of 2015, at the same time in which these pictures took place. The “Fearless” concept that welcomed this whole thing was created at the time too. For a couple of weeks I got really creative thanks to Juan Pablo and together we came up with such interesting stories as this one: a porcelain doll dressed as a French ballerina escapes to dance under the last […]

Eco-friendly resolutions for 2016

  Happy new year! 2015 was quite a bad year if we take into account the refugee humanitarian crisis, the terrorist attacks and the social alarm for a need to stop the effects of climate change. For this reason, 2016 has become the symbol of hope. But we all know years don’t change anything and it depends on us to take control and make things get better. As everyone else’s, my new year’s resolution list includes the usual “work out”, […]

New Year’s Eve look

New Year’s Eve is upon us: the most anticipated night of the year. Even though we all know it’s not all that more magical than any other night spent with friends, what is actually special about this date is the promise of a new year full of opportunities. This is clearly fake, but still exciting. To have the best New Year’s of our lives, or the best first night of the year properly speaking, I suggest you experiment with your look. You could […]